The Buzz

"Ferocious fun…seductive power…he makes his whole family come alive…so fascinating I left the theater wanting to know more!"
San Francisco Chronicle
"NO PAROLE" is D'Amore's funny, touching and true-as true as art can be, a masterpiece!"
Sacramento Bee
"…A memorable extra special zing!"
National Public Radio
"Enchanting…Wry…Quirky sense of humor… conjures up Eddie Izzard with a lille bit of Pee Wee Herman… Expert storytelling both on the page and on the stage!"
Bay Area Reporter
"Multiple layers of meaning, unexpected twists, and constant identity slipping that comprise this sly, energetic narrative… it's theatrical chronicle, deftly conjured by the skillful and charismatic D'Amore comes over in great cinematic images like a black-box blend of Martin Scorsese and Pedro Almodovar."
San Francisco Bay Guardian
"No Parole' ranks among the best… riveting one-man show… funny and touching. It's also occasionally shocking."
The Davis Enterprise
"One marvels at the precision of his craft, the deftness of his timing, and the ferociousness of the tale he is telling. No Parole offers audiences a highly skilled portrait of a complex and damaged soul by someone whose personal life has been riotously funny, and profoundly painful--Don't miss it!"
"Winning autobiographical show…an unflinching simmering kettle of bright ideas"
Sacramento News & Review
"His acting is a phenomenal work of art"
Lifestyle Choices Magazine
"D'Amore takes us on a dark engrossing roller-coaster ride with his tour-de-force acting."
"In his portrayal of his mother one can see where D'Amore gets his huge personality and that in turn translates into a thoroughly captivating performance style. He is hysterically funny and animated."
"The opening of No Parole sets the tone for D'Amore's richly stylized narrative…tantalizing…D'Amore (or his slightly puckish, certainly pluckish) persona delights as the story bounces back and forth and he transforms seamlessly from aging mom to gravelly voiced landlord to small child. That he can maneuver these roles in his almost novelistic narrative makes the performance even more impressive…"
American Theatre Web
"This Show Rocks!"
Off Broadway Review
"One man show from Carlo D'Amore concerning his life and rocky relationship with his career criminal mother and her one woman crime wave from Peru to America. This true story is touching, funny, poignant, outrageous and very personal but is ultimately about love and (albeit unconventional) family values. A real gem!"
The List Magazine Scotland
"No Parole is living proof that the Fringe can at times bring exceptional pieces of work to the masses. The show is tightly directed by Margaret Perry and written and performed by Peru born Carlo D'Amore. D'Amore is sensational in this one-man play discussing the true life story about his relationship with his flamboyant mother who moved from Peru to New York conning and cheating anyone and everyone on the way. The story follows D'Amore and how he was groomed into becoming her eyes and ears and his desperate attempts as a young adult to save her from herself. Funny, intelligent, heartfelt and acted with a feverous and infectious energy Carlo manages to weave a tale so brilliant it leaves every other Fringe show behind. Make sure you check this one out."
Hairline Fringe Scotland