In his wry, energetic adventure play, Carlo D'Amore takes you on a wild journey through the real life of his flamboyant, live-for-the-moment con artist mother, who has no trouble posing as an professor, daycare worker, or immigration attorney, as seen through the eyes of her young son who acts as her look-out, bail, and partner-in-crime. From Peru to the streets of New York, No Parole is a globetrotting adventure that provides a hilarious and gut-wrenching look into the life of an extraordinary woman and the son who must save her from herself.


"This Show Rocks!"
Off Broadway Review
"Ferocious fun!"
San Francisco Chronicle
"A memorable extra special zing!"
National Public Radio
"A dark engrossing roller-coaster ride with his tour-de-force acting."
"…so brilliant it leaves every other Fringe show behind!"
Hairline Fringe Scotland
"He is hysterically funny and animated."
"We totally scored because we're on the Live In Theater's list (we just love the interactive murder mysteries they do) so tickets to NO PAROLE were only $20. I seriously think this deserves to be on Broadway"
Allison S.
"Great writing, acting, movement ... I loved it!"
"I swear to God, I kept forgetting i was just watching one person, mesmerizing performance"
Rebecca E.
"We had a great time. I took my mom, and she loved it too."
Emily D.
"Wonderful mix of intensity, humor, sensitivity... and superb acting. Bravo!"
"Such a wonderful story and so well told"
Tina M.
"Amazing, jaw dropping amazing"
"Great portrayal of a challenging and fascinating character, what a life!"
Sebastian P.
Totally Entertaining"
Lira T.
"Very Creative!"
"Great Acting!"
Claire F.
"Very intimate play, excellent energy!"
"Outstanding show! A one man show with a cast of thousands!"
Victor P.
"Wow what an amazing true story. Crazy good acting!"
"Wow what an amazing true story. Crazy good acting!"
Giovanni C.
"A fantastic performance"
"Overall Wonderful!"
Liz P.
"Impressive, beautiful and made question life"
"I have seen NO PAROLE before when it was at the All for One Theater Festival, and when I heard it was coming back off Broadway I bought my tickets right away. One of the best solo shows I have ever seen!"
Angelina T.
"Well written, well acted, no downtime, this actor knows his shit!"
"A lot of talent!"
Alberta G.
"Great acting funny and entertaining!"
"Completely mesmerizing, his ability to disappear completely into all the characters left us all breathless"
Jackie D.
"Excellent transitions to different characters I could picture every single moment... It was great!"
"A new voice in the American Theater!"
Albert Poland
Guy R.
"The story line was superb"
"Very, very funny and then incredibly moving, I found myself laughing and crying at exactly the same time. Just Awesome!"
Jeffrey T.
"Very entertaining and funny, just a great show"
"This story is so fascinating we talked about it for hours afterwards and I'm still telling people to go see NO PAROLE!"
Deidra S.
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